Eating Disorder Signs to Watch For in Teens and Young Adults

eating disorders, teens and young adultsEating disorder signs may not be highly visible, but when you know what to look for then it is easier to determine whether your teen or young adult has an eating disorder and may require treatment. Both sexes can have an eating disorder, although these issues may be more common in females among teens and young adults. These age groups often diet, but when dieting is a frequent concern and an obsession with body image or a negative self body image occurs then an eating disorder should be suspected. When eating habits or dietary patterns start to become unhealthy then it is important to seek help. Some of the most common eating disorder signs to watch for include:

  • Making elaborate meals for other people to enjoy but not eating any
  • Sticking only to certain foods which are considered safe. These are usually very low in fat and calories.
  • Giving excuses for why the person is not eating at mealtimes
  • Completely skipping one or more meals each day
  • Frequent comments about being fat or overweight
  • Excessive exercise
  • Wearing clothes which are too big or that are baggy
  • Using laxatives or other weight loss aids on a regular basis
  • Eating and then vomiting
  • Consistently leaving the table to use the bathroom during meals. The person may be going into the bathroom to induce vomiting.
  • Rituals that are used while eating, such as cutting each piece of food into tiny pieces or chewing each bite a specific number of times.



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