How Common is Pilot Substance Abuse?

Pilot Substance Abuse

How common is pilot substance abuse? More common than most people realize, and if the true facts and statistics on this problem were known that far fewer people would fly the friendly skies. In recent months there have been news reports of pilots who were drunk or high while they were on the job, and even cases of pilots falling asleep or neglecting their duties in flight because of pilot substance abuse. Finding a rehab for pilots that is effective and that addresses the concerns that the pilot has can be difficult at times. Many pilots hesitate to ask for assistance locating the right rehab for pilots due to concerns about losing their license and their ability to fly, which could have a serious impact on their income and livelihood.

One big consideration with rehab for pilots is complete confidentiality. Another factor with pilot substance abuse is the fact that the user hides this problem very well most of the time, so co workers and supervisors may not even realize that there is a pilot substance abuse issue that needs to be addressed. It is impossible to tell just how common pilot substance abuse actually is but statistics show that the number of professionals who need help is suspected to be much higher than previously thought. A private luxury rehab for pilots may be the right choice in this situation, and it could help the pilot keep their license and prevent any problems once the pilot substance abuse treatment program has been completed.



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