How Do the Holidays Affect People With Mental Disorders?

holiday stress, mental disordersPeople who suffer from mental disorders may be affected by holiday stress more profoundly than those who do not have any form of mental illness. It is no secret that the rates of suicide, hospitalizations for severe mental illness, and the rate of depression all tend to go up around the holiday season. While this is a time of happiness and excitement for many people this is not always the case in every situation. Someone who suffers from mental illness may not view the holidays in the same way, and the higher levels of holiday stress can cause their symptoms to worsen. Research studies have shown that stress can have a negative impact on mental health, and those who have a mental illness may react more strongly to this stress.

If you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with one or more mental disorders there are some things that you can do to help keep their holiday stress more manageable. Make sure that the loved one keeps taking their prescribed medication, sometimes someone will decide to stop in order to feel normal around the holidays and this can be a big mistake. You can also make sure that the individual does not overextend themselves, ensuring that your loved one is eating right and getting plenty of sleep at night. This promotes mental health and will ensure that the holiday stress does not build up and cause an incident. The holidays, and the holiday stress, can be very rough for those who suffer from mental disorders.

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