How to Recognize A Sociopath: 5 Signs to Watch For

signs to watch for, sociopath

1. One of the traits of a sociopath is that they can lie very easily, and do so without any of the guilt or telltale signs that most people would display, when lying is a way to get off the hook or avoid being caught doing something wrong.

2. One of the signs to watch for if you want to protect yourself from someone with this mental health disorder is frequent or even constant attempts at manipulation. This type of person will try to manipulate everyone and everything to their advantage, whether the manipulation is direct or subtle.

3. Saying mean and hurtful things or engaging in mean and hurtful actions, and then expects everyone to act like the words or actions never took place. If you do react the individual acts like you are the one who is unreasonable or out of line.

4. A common sign of a sociopath is that the individual will treat you differently at different times, without any reason or explanation. One day or one morning they may act one way, and then that evening or the next day their attitude toward you may have changed completely without any reason.

5. Another one of the signs to watch for if you want to avoid dealing with a sociopath is someone who tends to externalize blame and never accepts responsibility for their own shortcomings and actions. No matter what happens, or how obvious the mistake of the individual may be, someone with this mental condition can not accept their own blame for anything and they will always blame others instead.

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