Marijuana Use in Canada: Facts You Need to Know

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The rate of marijuana use in Canada is high, and this is the drug most commonly abused in this country. According to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health approximately 44% of Canadians have used marijuana at least once in their lives, and many Canadian teens have used marijuana in the past year. Around 12% of teens in Canada admit to using pot every day even though the drug is illegal. This drug has many health risks associated with it. Most users smoke marijuana in order to get the effects, and the smoke from this drug has more than 400 chemicals and compounds that carry some health risk or cancer warning. In addition marijuana smokers tend to take deeper drags and hold the smoke in for much longer than cigarettes, and that increases their exposure to these chemicals and the damage that they do.

Signs That Indicate Marijuana Use in Canada

There are a number of signs that may indicate Canadian teens or others are indulging in marijuana use in Canada. These include:

  • Eyes that are red or bloodshot
  • A dry mouth
  • An increase in appetite after marijuana use
  • Sleeping more than normal or at odd times of the day
  • A decrease in motivation to get up and do something
  • A pungent odor
  • Marijuana use paraphernalia like rolling papers or pipes
  • A drop in grades at school
  • New friends, and a lack of interest in old friends
  • A frequent need for money in order to buy marijuana

If you or someone you know has a problem with marijuana use in Canada there is help available and treatment programs that work, giving you your life back.


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