New CDC Research on Binge Drinking Shows Middle Aged Americans Affected Most

middle aged americans binge drinkingWhen you think of binge drinking most people think of teenagers and those of college age, but according to new CDC research those most likely to suffer medical problems or even die from binge drinking are Americans who are middle aged. According to the latest study alcohol poisoning claims the life of 6 Americans every single day, and 75% of these individuals are middle aged. Only a little more than 5% of those who died from binge drinking were between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. According to the CDC binge drinking occurs when an individual has 4-5 drinks or more in a single sitting. Alcohol poisoning is usually the result of binge drinking, and the new research shows that those in their middle age are the most vulnerable to this condition.

According to the co-author of the study and one of the leaders of the CDC research on binge drinking Robert Brewer “Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is a lot of binge drinking going on by people who are post college-age. We were surprised by these findings.” Brewer went on to say that “Living in geographically isolated rural areas might increase the likelihood that a person with alcohol poisoning will not be found before death or that timely emergency medical services will not be available.” It is a common misconception that most people who die because of binge drinking are teenagers and younger adults. This new research may help treatment professionals lower the death rate from binge drinking by identifying new groups to target.


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