Substance Abuse Recovery and Spirituality

spirituality, substance abuse recoveryThere has been shown to be a link between spirituality and better results during substance abuse recovery. Individuals who have a belief in a higher power and who are spiritual tend to do better in addiction treatment, and they usually do better after leaving treatment as well. When substance abuse recovery includes spiritual components there is a lower risk of relapse, and the individual does not need repeat treatment as often. There are many things in life that we can not change, and these must be accepted. The link between spirituality and substance abuse recovery ca also be seen in the fact that Christian addiction treatment programs typically have higher success rates and lower relapse risks. While these types of treatment programs may be more expensive they can also be more effective.

When substance abuse recovery includes elements of spirituality this can help the abuser learn how to accept things that can not be changed. Unfortunately no one can control certain things, and this loss of control can be a big issue during treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Spirituality can help you make peace with your past, and learn to accept what can’t be changed by handing these matters over to a higher power. The 12 step program uses spirituality, and so do many other programs designed to treat substance abuse. If you have a problem and you need substance abuse recovery help then choosing a facility and treatment program that mirrors your own beliefs on spirituality can be the best choice.

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