Supervised Injection Site in Vancouver Experiences Numerous Heroin Overdoses

heroin overdoses, supervised injection siteInSite, the supervised injection site in Vancouver, has experienced numerous heroin overdoses in recent weeks and that has started a controversy among some medical personnel. InSite was opened in order to provide a safe and clean facility for heroin and other substance abusers who inject the drug of choice, and the facility has medical professionals on hand to provide emergency assistance if an overdose occurs. There have been over 30 cases of heroin overdose at the supervised injection site in recent weeks due to a batch of extremely strong heroin hitting the streets of Canada, including one fatality. Many view this as proof that the supervised injection facility is not effective. Others point out that 30 heroin overdoses that happen on the street will usually result in much more than just one fatality.

Heroin overdoses are a big problem in Vancouver and other large cities in Canada, and a supervised injection site can lower the risks of complications and death from a heroin overdose. There are professionals on hand to provide any emergency medical attention required if an overdose does occur, lowering the risk of death or permanent injury for the user. InSite, the supervised injection site in Vancouver, also provides clean needles, sterile water, and other elements that can greatly lower the risk of infections and other problems associated with injecting heroin and other illegal street drugs. While many may feel that heroin users and other addicts need treatment to stop the drug use the fact is that many will continue no matter what. If there are no supervised injection facilities for users to access then the number of heroin overdoses will stay high and entire communities are put at risk.

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