The Facts About Crystal Methamphetamine


Facts About Crystal MethamphetamineCrystal methamphetamine is just one of several forms of methamphetamine, but the crystal form is highly potent and cause methamphetamine addiction with the first use in many people. This illegal street drug may also be called crystal meth, glass, or ice, and it is often used as a party or club drug when an individual wants a lot of energy because it is a stimulant. Since the methamphetamine is highly concentrated in crystal form the effects can be more powerful. This form is usually smoked, although other forms of the same drug may be snorted or injected instead. With the first use crystal methamphetamine begins to break down your body and abuse of this substance can cause serious or even fatal health problems.

Crystal methamphetamine abusers who have been on the drug for months, or sometimes even a few weeks with excessive use, will start to lose weight because of the stimulant effects. The user may not sleep for days at a time, they can become aggressive, and some will even suffer from a psychotic break or other episode of mental illness. As the methamphetamine abuse escalates the resources of the body are used up, leading to nutritional deficiencies and serious health problems. All forms of methamphetamine are dangerous and destructive, but crystal methamphetamine is the most devastating form. If you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem there is help available, and programs that can help the user turn their life around and get back to normal once more.



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