The Warning Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Warning Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have a number of warning symptoms that indicate one of these conditions is becoming a problem and help is needed. If you or someone you know is skipping meals each day or there are constant excuses to avoid eating then these should be examined further. Sometimes one of the warning symptoms of eating disorders is eating a very limited selection of foods that are considered safe, and these are typically foods that have very few calories, fat, or sugars. Another sign that there is a problem which involves food is rituals that center on food or meals and which are very rigid. These rituals can including cutting foods into small and uniform pieces or chewing food but spitting it out rather than swallowing it.

There are also other warning symptoms of eating disorders that you should be on the lookout for. Sometimes someone with this type of mental illness will prepare and cook large and elaborate meals for others but not eat themselves. Another red flag is someone who collects recipes but never samples these menu options. If someone is always complaining about being fat or about not being able to lose weight when they are not overweight this indicates that they have a false or distorted body image. Someone who suffers from one of the eating disorders may withdraw from previous social activities and normal events. Baggy or layered clothing may be used to hide the fact that the individual is either underweight or overweight and keep the eating disorder from becoming public knowledge.


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