Top Treatment Principles for Substance Abuse

effective substance abuse treatment, treatment principles for substance abuse

Effective substance abuse treatment will involve certain principles in order to provide excellent results and a permanent recovery. The key treatment principles for substance abuse today are based on decades of research into addiction and substance abuse, and they can help ensure that any treatment provided will get the best possible results. Some of the treatment principles for substance abuse include:

  • Effective substance abuse treatment must be easily accessible and readily available. Even the best treatment programs out there will not give the desired results if the individual can not access them when they are needed.
  • Every individual is unique, and requires a customized treatment plan that reflects the relevant factors in their specific case. No treatment method provides exceptional results every single time because there are also many other factors that play a role in the treatment effectiveness.
  • Individual and group counseling are both necessary in order to get effective substance abuse treatment. If individual counseling is not involved then the person will not have the best odds for a permanent recovery.
  • One of the treatment principles for substance abuse is that addiction is an issue that is complex, and it affects both the brain functioning and the behavior of the individual. Substance abuse is a treatable problem but every aspect of the individual and their behavior needs to be examined in depth. The substance abuse can not be fully and effectively treated unless the entire individual and any other conditions are also treated at the same time.


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