Well Known Comedian Robin Williams Battled With Substance Abuse for Many Years

Robin Williams, substance abuse

The world is in mourning because well known funny many Robin Williams has passed away, and police suspect that his death was a suicide. It was no secret that the comedian battled with substance abuse among those who knew him best, but his passing shows the devastation that alcohol and drug abuse can cause. Williams was found in his home and police suspect that the actor and comedian died from asphyxiation. News reports state that Williams was found with a belt and a penknife, and that he had several shallow cuts to his wrists. Leaving 3 children behind and a wife that he deeply loved could not have been easy, but Robin Williams was struggling with the old substance abuse demons and felt that he had no other choice.

Robin Williams shows that even the most successful people have substance abuse issues, and that money can not buy true happiness. Unfortunately the man who made everyone laugh and who spent a lifetime bringing joy to others felt he could not continue to face the world. A few months ago Robin Williams went back into rehab, not because he relapsed but because he felt the old demons coming back and was trying to avoid drinking or using drugs again. Williams also battled with depression, which surprised many who always thought that the actor was funny and happy. The actor hid his pain from the world and only allowed those closest to him to see how much he suffered. The world has lost a great man, and substance abuse and addiction are in the news once more.


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