What and When is National Drug Facts Week?

drug abuse, National Drug Facts WeekNational Drug Facts Week is an annual event that lasts for one week, and it is designed to help prevent teen drug abuse and eliminate some of the most common myths about substance abuse. In 2015 the event will be held from January 26 through February 1. During National Drug Facts Week community events are held all across the USA, and scientific experts are linked with teens who have questions or who want factual information about drug abuse. According to Dr. Nora D. Volkow, the NIDA Director, “National Drug Facts Week has been growing every year, from 92 events at its inception almost five years ago. This tells us how much teens – who are bombarded daily with misinformation about drugs – want science-based facts about drug use.”

The most recent National Drug Facts Week held in early 2014saw more than 1,000 community based events as part of the program. These events were not just held for American teens, some had an international focus as well. Michael Botticelli, the ONDCP Acting Director, said “President Obama’s vision is for all of America’s children to grow up in healthy and safe communities. This administration’s drug policy is based on neuroscience, and we are committed to informing young people and health care professionals about the negative consequences drug and alcohol use can have on their futures.” The very first National Drug Facts Week was held in 2010 in an effort to combat teen drug abuse and to dispel some of the harmful myths that are out there which teens are exposed to.

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