What are Mood Disorders?

mental illness, mood disordersWhat are mood disorders? These disorders are generally considered forms of mental illness, and there 4 main types of mood disorders. These types are:

  • Mania
  • Major depression
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Cyclothymia

One in 5 Americans report that they have had at least one symptom of major depression in the last 30 days. Statistics show that 1% of the adult population suffer from bipolar disorder, but there are suggestions that this number is too low and that some who are diagnosed as major depressive are actually bipolar but the periods of manic elation are not properly reported. A big concern with mood disorders, as with all forms of mental illness, is substance abuse. People who are feeling depressed or anxious may use drugs or alcohol to lift their spirits, and those who are manic are prone to compulsive actions that include alcohol and drugs.

A dual diagnosis is required if substance abuse and mental illness are both a problem, and that applies to mood disorders as well as other psychiatric disorders. There are some personality traits that make an individual more prone to mood disorders and some other types of mental illness. Being withdrawn, being highly self critical, having a low self esteem, being impulsive, and experiencing signs of anxiety are all common personality traits that can signify a higher risk for mood disorders. The symptoms experienced by people who have these forms of mental illness can range from mild to severe, and at times can require hospitalization.

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