What is Ketamine?


Ketamine is one of the so called club drugs, substances that are usually taken by people in social settings like parties, night clubs, concerts, and in bars. This drug may also be called Special K or other names, and it is a very dangerous substance that can have deadly side effects. In approved used Ketamine is used as an anesthetic, but it can have a number of side effects that can be serious and severe. Users may experience a sense of detachment, and they may lose touch with reality. A distortion in the sight and sound perception of the user can make them see and hear things that are not real. Ketamine is used in some cases in the medical treatment in both people and animals if there are no other suitable anesthetic drugs that can be used.

Ketamine can be addictive in a psychological way, and the user will crave the drug. The distortion with reality that this drug causes make it especially dangerous, because the user can not tell what is real and what is part of the hallucination. This can lead to injury or even death in some cases, and this can affect others as well as the individual using the ketamine. This is a Schedule III substance according the the US Drug Enforcement Agency. Ketamine is usually found on the street because legal supplies of the drug have been diverted or stolen from a drug company, medical facility, vet office, or other place in the legal supply chain.

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