What is Sufentanil? Can it Lead to Opioid Addiction?

Sufetanil could lead to opiate addictionSufetanil, with a brand name of Sufenta, is one of the synthetic opioid drugs that are used for human medical purposes. Sufentanil is the strongest possible opioid pain medication that can be used for humans, anything stronger in the opioid class of drugs is only allowed for veterinary use on large animals like rhinos, elephants, hippos, and other extremely big and heavy zoo species. Carfentanil is stronger than sufentail, but in spite of the fact that carfentanil has been found in the USA on the street this stronger drug is not approved for human use because it is so potent it is a very big threat to life even in small amounts. Because sufentanil is an opioid it can cause opioid addiction.

If sufentanil is so strong why is it used? This drug is typically used during and immediately following surgery, both for sedation and pain management in patients who have developed a tolerance to opioids either from legitimate use for chronic pain or because of illicit drug use. Individuals who are on a high dose of buprenorphine to treat chronic pain may also be given carfentanil during surgery or during the post operative period because this is the only drug in te opioid class which has enough power to displace buprenorphine from the opioid receptors in the central nervous system so that analgesia is provided. Because of the potency that sufentanil has it is very closely monitored in the medical setting and facilities may be audited to ensure that the stock of this drug is kept safe and secure.

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